After you find your ideal diamond or gem, it is time to work on a design. A tailor made piece of jewellery is made to suit the size, dimension, height, characteristics of shape of the chosen diamond and the wearer’s lifestyle, hand size and body shape. It projects the diamond to its best form and elevates it to exemplify its best glory.

From an engagement ring to an extravagant diamond necklace, our bespoke jewellery team will first understand your needs, preference and styling habits with a one on one consultation. You may bring in your bridal gowns or occasion wear (or photos) for us to come up with creative matching ideas. Our jewellery designers will integrate a combination of your preference and our ideas by hand through 3-dimensional illustrations. Your inputs are incorporated throughout this process and you will be invited to attend complimentary fitting sessions, ensuring that your unique jewel is a perfect fit to your figure and your special occasion. At our consultations, MDC designs will help to determine the most suitable design for you. We classify hand sizes and body built to provide the most suitable suggestions.


If you would like to re-design and re-mount some of your old jewellery, MDC jewellery designers are here to help. We will take a close examination of your piece to identify its strengths and weaknesses, followed by a few design suggestions for your consideration.

After a design is chosen, you will be invited to a number of fitting sessions where you will get to try on the initial cast, the mould and ultimately... the final masterpiece of jewellery that lasts a lifetime and beyond. You will be impressed by the efforts and details we attend to every piece of tailor-made jewellery.


Every jewellery piece is designed and hand crafted by our in-house team of experienced artisans, goldsmiths and jewellery designers. Our team of artisans have over at least 20 years of experience in crafting some of the finest jewellery in Melbourne for celebrities and the high society. Their works combine both elegance, beauty and grace. Each element is crafted after thorough calculation, taking into consideration of practicality and longevity with experienced hands. All pieces go through a three-steps quality assurance check which we happily share with customers at collection..